California, Show your teeth… Storage Field Day 19


That’s right, another year and another Tech Field Day event is just around the corner. This time, I will be returning for my 2nd Storage Field Day (SFD19) event in late January, 2020. This will be my 3rd Field Day that I will be attending, and it will be my first in sunny California, right in the heart of Silicon Valley/San Jose.

So, what is in store for the SFD19 team and you? We will be checking out some new technology and some cool automation from various vendors. There are 9 presenting companies that will be at SFD19, including a secret company that the delegates aren’t even aware of yet!

There will be a panel of 12 delegates again, each from various storage backgrounds with a focus to open up discussions and dig deeper into the technology.

Arjan Timmerman
Becky Elliott
Chin-Fat Heoh
Chris M Evans
Dan Frith
Enrico Signoretti
Gina Rosenthal
Joey D’Antoni
Keiran Shelden
Ray Lucchesi
Ruairi McBride
Vuong Pham

This is going to be one full on event, looking at the time table, there is just presentation after presentation, so there will be plenty of information flowing.

If you would like to stream live, check out the SFD19 page or Tech Field Day home page, or Facebook to watch the presentations. These will be available on YouTube and Vimeo after the event, so you can always catch up afterwards.

Finally, if you are interested in attending any of the upcoming events, please reach out to the Tech Field Day crew and let them know you are interested in attending an upcoming event.

A big thanks goes out to the Tech Field Day crew for inviting me to another event, and I look forward to sharing my views with you all after SFD19 concludes.


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