Thanks for coming and checking out my blog. I’m Keiran and I work as a System Engineer focusing on virtualisation and storage. I have experience in VMware products, but also have a list of storage platforms that I have maintained over the years. I like to also dabble in the latest and greatest, but always fall back afterwards to get to know current in-place technology.
My blog was originally set up as a platform to just write about technology as it was relevant to me. I not keep it up to date as much as I would like, but I do try, especially when I run into an issue that I have a solution for.
I am a vExpert and spend as much time as I can getting to local VMUGs and try to get involved in as many online groups as possible to keep up to date with technology and to learn from others.
The one thing I have learnt over the years is that failure is key to growing, the word fail doesn’t mean “Stop, you can’t do it.” it just simply means there is more out there to learn and just keep growing.
You can find my on Twitter at keiran_shelden

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