VMware Current Software Download and Release Notes

I haven’t blogged in a while, so I thought I would put together a quick list of the most current versions of VMware solutions available. Below you will find links to the download and to the release notes. These are the current versions as of this date. Hopefully someone will find this as a useful reference.
**Please note you will require a valid login/Contract to be able to access a number of these solutions for download.
Check out @texiwil Linux VMware Software Manager – Only requires a my.vmware.com login (Great option if you can’t access downloads through the site)
6.0u3e Download
6.0U3e Release Notes
6.5U2 Download 
6.5U2 Release Notes
6.7.0a Download 
6.7.0a Release Notes
6.0U3a Download
6.0U3a Release Notes
6.5U2 Download
6.5U2 Release Notes
6.7.0 Download
6.7.0 Release Notes 
6.3.6 Download 
6.3.6 Release Notes 
6.4.1 Download 
6.4.1 Release Notes: 
2.2 Download
2.2 Release Notes
7.5 Download
7.5 Release Notes 
7.4 Download  
7.4 Release Notes 
10.1 Download/Release Notes
Download/release notes 
vRealize Automation
7.4 Download
7.4 Release Notes
vRealize Operations Manager
6.7 Download
6.7 Release Notes 
vRealize Log Insight 
4.6.1 Release Notes  
Site Recovery Manager 
8.1 Download  
8.1 Release Notes  

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