8 thoughts on “VMware vSphere 6 – Certification Changes

  1. I think the confusing thing about VCIX is that the first description of the exam says “VCIX certification is comprised of two separate exams – one focused on Administration and one focused on Design”. So will the exam be two parts like DCA and DCD, or is it two in one? I emailed education services to find out. I would think everything would be consolidated down in to one exam. If that is the case, they should have said “VCIX certification is a single exam comprised of two separate skills sets – one focused on Administration and one focused on Design”.

    1. The VCAPs were individual certifications, the VCIX now looks to be a single certification but requires two exams. So you would need to sit the Design exam and then sit the administration exam (or Administration then design). If you have experience with Cisco, you can think over it like CCNA, Sitting ICND001 got you CCENT but sitting ICND002 as well got you the complete title of CCNA.

  2. VCAPs were 3 or 3.5 plus non-English extension.
    VCIX design exams will be around 2 hours (not clear exactly)
    VCIX admin exams will be 3-3.5 hours plus non-English extension

    1. Thanks for clearing that up Josh. The overview I was reading mentioned VCAPs were 4 hours and it is now down to 2 for VCIX – Making it sound like it was for both separate. Thanks again and thanks for reading.

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