OVF deployment error workaround

There’s been a couple of times with a certain OVF that I have ran into this issue. Oddly enough, it happened to me in both my vSphere 6.5/6.7 and 7.0 environments and including VMware Workstation 15. I have had someone else test this and not run into the issue, however I’m not too concerned as I have found a simple work around.

The error presents itself when the OVF/VMX file includes the below line with a value of “TRUE” set.

vmw:ExtraConfig ovf:required="true" vmw:key="" vmw:value="true"

What this is setting is the reservation on the memory. Even though there may not be a value set and may be set to 0MB, this can still affect the deployment.

Now you could easily go into the file and adjust it to “false”, however you would then need to resign the OVF file and it just gets fiddly from there. So the workaround is a simple one.

All you need to do is to deploy the OVF direct on a host. Simple!


As for VMware Workstation. I am yet to work this one out, but if anyone has a solution, that would be great!

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