Western Digital Presents at SFD19

Back in 2003, I built a computer with my Dad, we had put an 80GB hard disk into it, and I certainly remember thinking I would never utilise the full capacity of the drive. About a year later, I started to attend LAN parties and in no time, I had a couple of more drive installed in the computer. What I didn’t realise at the time was that data would grow, and it wasn’t just the computer games I played with their updates, there were movies that were getting bigger with better quality as time went on.

In today’s world, data is growing at an exploding rate as we build more and more devices that need to be connected and that generate data. By 2023 there will be an estimated 103 Zettabytes of data created. This is a huge number, one that has been created from documents, photos\videos, social media, bank transactions, IoT devices, essentially anything that is computerised. The world of technology is growing and data is becoming quicker to be transferred between devices, which allows it to be created at higher quality, the limitations are being raised to a new level. The first images of a black hole were taken over a 5 days period from 8 radio telescopes, this generated 4.5 Petabytes of data, this was just to create one image.

Western Digital is working hard to help keep up with the rapid rate of data growth. They are a leading company that carries an amazing portfolio of decades of storage development. They hold over 14 thousand active patents on their technology and have a large global team that listen to their customers and continuously evolve.

At Storage Field Day 19, we heard from a number of presenters from Western Digital talk about how them and their products are evolving with the demand for faster and more reliable data storage as well as better security.

After 50 years building out storage products from spinning disks to micro SD cards through to enterprise NVMe-OF Storage platforms, Western Digital has the history and the expertise to develop far greater technology while keeping up with the demands of the ever growing global data rate.

Thank you to Western Digital for presenting at SFD19.


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