Now you can update to 5.5u3

Time to get back into blogging. it’s been a couple of months of quiet with a couple of large posts being constructed.
So VMware released vSphere 5.5u3 a few weeks back, which saw a lot of security updates and bug fixes. These updates are great and definitely see a lot of improvements that come along with them. Unfortunately, this time around a serious bug came out in the release. This bug cause VMs to crash during snapshot removal. I was quite excited about the update and getting prepared for testing, however as we are a cloud provider and rely on Veeam to backup some of our VMs, this was not a good thing.
Thankfully as of yesterday VMware released a patched version of 5.5u3 build: 3116895 which has fixed this bug.
So now you can safely update, but make sure you check the rest of the release notes to make sure your environment won’t be affected by known issues.
As a side note, keep an eye out for other Security Patches for your environment.
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