New: VCP6-Cloud/DT Certifications

As always with a release of a new version of vSphere, there is always a new certification to be had. This time, VMware has released the VCP6 Cloud and Desktop exams early. When vSphere 5.5 was released, it was a number of months before we saw the exams and a lot of people were asking the question; Should they take the 5.1  or wait for the 5.5?
The 5.5 exam was a minor update packed with new technologies, it was easy to watch the “What’s New” and then sit the test providing you had studied the the 5.x material, regardless of which exam, you still walked away with a VCP5. This, vSphere 6 is a major release, and just catching up with “What’s New” and tinkering here and there with VSAN, etc. will more than likely not cut it.
The VCP-DCA has not been released as of yet, but I can’t see this being too far behind the Cloud and DT exams. I am really looking forward to the new exams amd cam’t wait to get into them!
You can check out more information in the MyLearn section on the VMware website.
Thank you.

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