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It brings something warm to my heart every time I see a twitter post, or a blog about something new, or something exciting happening at VMUGs all around the world. I still feel fairly fresh to the VMUG community scene, only having joined mid last year, and only attended several VMUGs since joining, but it is a great community to be a part of and I feel very welcome.

Mike Laverick ( – UK) is a huge advocate for VMUGs in getting the members involved, whether it be presenting or helping to put a conference together. All the time I see posts and videos where Mike is talking about new ways in which a member can step in and be in the spotlight.  
One thing of late that Mike is really, really excited about (I think he’s more excited about this than meeting Elvis) is a new program starting up in VMUGs around the world called FeedForward. The idea of FeedForward is to create mentors for future presenters – Feeding Forward support and ideas before a presentation.   When a presentation is over, there is usually time for Feedback to the presenter, however, this doesn’t help prepare for the presentation that has already taken place.  The FeedFoward program will assign a mentor to you so that can run through your material and give you tips on improving your content and giving you the confidence for your presentation. 
If you are interested in presenting at your local VMUG or even becoming a mentor to help shape those in your community to present to your VMUG chapter, then get in contact with your local VMUG Leader to find out how you can make a change!

Keep and eye out here for more: http://www.vmug.com/feedforward


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