Welcome to ReadySetVirtual

Hello and welcome to ReadySetVirtual.

This blog is designed to bring to you information in regards to Virtualization, such as new features, tutorials, etc.  at the same time, helping me learn more. My main goal is to be able to use this as a way of “taking notes” as I study to become a VMware Certified Professional. I have a youtube channel that shows tips and tricks in vSphere.

About Me:

Just a little about me.  My name is Keiran. I am a Network Administrator at a local school here in Brisbane. and I also consult to small business’.  I am married with no kids (yet).   I enjoy learning a lot about technology, and spend a great deal of time reading about all the cool things that technology can do for us, and what is just above the next step as we climb.   I am currently studying to sit the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) exam, and then sit the Course at Stanley Community College in January to complete the course, thus certifying me as a VCP.

I currently look after two sites running virtualization. One site is a 3 host, 2 SAN running ESX 4.0.  The second site has 3 hosts, 2 SANs  and running ESXi 5.0.  

I hope you find this beneficial to you and helpful on your journey working with virtualization in your environment.

I am falling in love with virtualization and hope you do too.

Thanks for reading, and my first blog on the new ESXi 5.5 will be up shortly.

Thanks you


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